Publications and Research

The APA's Division on Publications and Research has charge of all of the Association's activities in fostering scholarly research and the development of materials for research and publication.


For over a century, the APA has produced several series of scholarly books and texts and its journal, Transactions of the American Philological Association (TAPA). Click through the links below to learn more about the APA's publications.

The APA Office also produces a number of publications, including:

  • The Graduate Guide: a handbook of information on graduate programs in Classics
  • First Three African American Members of the APA
  • Careers for Classicists
  • Teaching the Classical Tradition
  • Programs and Abstracts for the Joint Annual Meeting

Download the order form (pdf) to purchase these publications.


The Publications and Research Division currently manages four major projects:

The Division also collaborates with other major projects in classics that are not managed by the APA:

The Division’s Committee on Research monitors the resources available to scholars conducting research in classics and encourages the development of new tools when it identifies needs and opportunities.

Policy Statements

Last modified on September 01, 2013