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Founded in 1869 by "professors, friends, and patrons of linguistic science," the APA is the principal learned society in North America for the study of ancient Greek and Roman languages, literatures, and civilizations. While the majority of its members are university and college Classics teachers, members also include scholars in other disciplines, primary and secondary school teachers, and interested lay people.

From the Information Architect

I have spent the past several months moving the APA's website from one content management system (ExpressionEngine) to another (Drupal), and from one host to another. This move allows the APA to take more control over its presence on the Internet, since more people can edit and contribute content to the site. It also opens up new features such as a discussion forum, guest blogs, user comments, and social media plug-ins. If you would like to see other features on this site, or if you notice anything that needs to be changed or corrected, please let me know.

I hope that you enjoy the new site. Be on the lookout for changes and improvements in the months ahead.

Samuel J. Huskey
Information Architect

146th Annual Meeting

January 8-11, 2015, New Orleans, LA


Submissions to APA Program Committee

Updated February 28, 2014.  This year the APA Program Committee will hold a single meeting on July 9-10, 2014, to review the submissions listed below.  The Program Committee has different requirements for the contents of each type of submission.  Find those requirements here.  Both members submitting individual abstracts and panel organizers submitting abstracts from their speakers should read the Program Committee's guidelines for authors of abstracts.  In addition, see suggestions from the Program Committee that emerged from a workshop on abstract writing at the 2010 annual meeting. 

At its meeting in July 2014 the Program Committee will review

For the 2015 Meeting in New Orleans

For the 2016 Meeting in San Francisco


The deadline for submission of all proposals except individual abstracts will be April 25, 2014. The deadline for submission of individual abstracts will be May 16, 2014. Note that these deadlines are later than usual. 


Members wishing to submit a proposal or abstracts to the Program Committee must observe these regulations.  Please be sure that your membership is current (i.e., paid up for 2014) before beginning the submission process.  If you are not sure whether you have paid your APA dues for the current year, ask the customer service staff at the Johns Hopkins University Press at jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu, 800-548-1784 (US and Canada only), or 410-516-6987 (all others).

Membership payments for 2014 were due on December 31, 2013.  If you have not yet paid dues for 2014, please allow AT LEAST A MONTH for a) your payment to be received and processed by Johns Hopkins and (b) your record to be uploaded to the APA collection system. 

Joint Sessions with AIA

Please note that if you intend to submit a proposal for a panel to the AIA as a possible joint session, the submission deadlines for AIA are March 9, 2014 and March 23 (with $25 fee). For more information, please see the AIA web site.

Online Submission System

Visit http://program.apaclassics.org to make your submission.  As noted above, make sure that your APA membership for 2014 has been paid before you visit this site.  You must start by creating a new account on the program submission site.  Your log-in credentials for any other site affiliated with the APA WILL NOT work on the site—even the credentials you may have created if you used the site last year

Calls for abstracts from other organizers of sessions:

The APA Program Committee has authorized members to issue calls for abstracts for twenty-one affiliated group sessions and seven organizer-refereed panels for the New Orleans meeting.  In addition, one or more APA committee may issue a call for abstracts for the panels it intends to organize for January 2015.  Click on the links below to read the special requirements and regulations of each type of session and to see the individual calls for abstracts as they are submitted to the APA Office.  The organizers of these sessions have been asked to submit calls for abstracts no later than September 23, 2013, but we will receive and post many of these calls before that deadline.

Last modified on February 28, 2014

From Gatekeeper to Gateway: The Campaign for Classics

At the 144th Annual Meeting in January in Seattle, the APA celebrated the triumphant conclusion of the Gatekeeper to Gateway Campaign, steered to its harbor by President Jeffrey Henderson.  The Association honored the Campaign Committee members responsible for this achievement and presented Distinguished Service Awards to the three visionary and energetic APA members who provided such outstanding leadership from the beginning to the end of the Campaign: Ward W. Briggs, Jr., David H. Porter, and Michael C.J. Putnam.  Later that month this year’s President, Denis Feeney, published a letter to members describing the projects that the new endowment is already funding and our ambitious plans for the future.

The APA has raised over $3 million that will enable it to continue to transform the field of Classics and to serve students, teachers, and scholars in the 21st century.

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